Effective information about new car technology

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To minimize the severity and number of forward collisions, Department of the transport and main road is investigated new vehicle safety technology that is called as FCAT (Forward Collision Avoidance Technology). Sometimes it is also called as AEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking). As everyone knows forward collision like pedestrian impact is the common reasons of road fatalities. Generally FCAT system sense road or objects in front of vehicle. This system reacts with either autonomously or driver assistance to possible crash hazards which includes

  • Warning the driver
  • Priming brake systems
  • Apply more aggressive or gentle braking

How new car technology help you to avoid car crash

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Actually new car technology is offering more numbers of the benefits. The first thing it avoid the road accident because it is warning the driver of potential collision threat while travelling in traffic or highway. Suppose driver might not respond to warning then fact system can instantly reduce the vehicle speed. Emergency stopping is available when a pedestrian walks in front of your car. Different kinds of the technologies are developed in the FCAT systems such as

  • Responsiveness
  • Detection range

There are huge numbers of the benefits are associated when your vehicle is having forward collision avoidance technology. In this modern world, plenty of vehicle manufacturers are offering forward collision avoidance system and it is the part of integrated advanced driver assistance system. Numerous numbers of the key functions are there in the fact. The first thing adaptive cruise control is mostly designed to maintain the safe distance from the car in front and the irrespective speed of the vehicle. A complete forward collision avoidance system works by monitoring environment via radar, lidar, camera or fusion of the different technologies for potential conflicts which includes stopped vehicle or slow moving. The main goal of this system is to provide advanced warning to the driver while the lane departure or crash appears to be imminent. Automobile collision avoidance system is operating under the guiding principle and exact corrective measures might minimize the severity of the accident. This system is required front facing sensors and based on the specific system, that kind of sensor might use specific technologies.

Significant importance of having forward collision avoidance system in car

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Forward collision avoidance system might rely on the number of sensors, long and short range radar. It can monitor what is going around the vehicle, cyclists and pedestrians. Based on the 2009 studies says that seven percentage of the vehicle crashes are reduced because of this system. Pedestrian detection might recognize the personal while straying into the vehicle path so it will automatically apply the brakes. Lane departure warning system might use various sensors along with the camera for identifying lane markers. Once you consult with your car dealer then people can pick the best one according to your requirements which ensure the safety when you drive on the road. If a car is equipped with this technology then it might minimize the accident claims.