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The design and technology process is the systematic chain of the activities via which items are produced for addressing the requirements of individuals. Creative abilities are enhanced and developed the activities in technology and design process. There are plenty of steps are involved in the design and technology process such as idea development, possible solutions, problem identification, a definition of the problem, evaluating, preliminary designing, investigation of the problem, working drawing and production.

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At present world, technology plays an important role in all kinds of business and integrated technology process might include all the needs, necessary for design office, quality control, manufacturing which is sufficient to produce and define the assembly within the known supply chain. Generally technology process is the end to end process which is aligned with the assembly technology or specific manufacturing. For example techno process is mostly used for technologies which includes

  • Electricity and thermoplastics
  • Tubing
  • Mechanical parts and sheet metal
  • Jigs and tools
  • Composite
  • Assembly

The end to end appellation means technology process might address all the activities which start from design to manufacture and assemble of the elementary part. Basically integrated technology process is widely used in aerospace industry for improving the efficiency during the development and conception phases by improving information concurrency, avoiding data recopy and process automation. There are more numbers of the reasons are there technology is crucial one in today world. The role of the internet and computer is playing important role in the education world and it has made learning more interesting. Technology is crucial one in healthcare industry and right from the easy communication between patients and healthcare professionals for computer assisted medical procedures. More numbers of the diagnostic procedures which start from scan to complex therapies. Heart of each piece of technology is automation and it can automate the most of the complex processes. Technology process is mostly involved in the certain steps such as requirements, research, design, testing, standardization, operationalize, implement and review. Technology has necessary effects on the business operations and there is no matter size of your enterprise. Actually it has both intangible and tangible benefits which will useful to produce the results to your clients demand and money. Technological infrastructure affects efficiency, culture and relationship if the business.

Business related technology process

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Many of the business of modern era are subject to vandalism and security threats. It could be mostly used to protect confidential executive decisions, financial data and other proprietary information that might lead to the competitive advantages. Technology is useful to business people to understand its cash flow requirements and preserve precious resources like physical space and time. Warehouse inventory technology allows the business owner to know about how effectively manage the storage cost of holding the product. It creates the excellent dynamic team within the business and employee at different locations might have better interactions. In order to survive in the competitive business world it is always necessary to follow latest trending technology.