New technological features added in the latest smartphones

As the name tells you that smartphones possess gives the smarter capabilities than the mobile phones in which providing the additional and main functions like multimedia entertainment, games, web browsing etc and these smartphones act as a mini computer which is small enough to fit in your pocket. The smartphones appeared in the market from close to the two decades ago as the alternative to the mobile phones which only carry the primary functions that enables only two-way communication by calls or text. The smartphone of today have many extensive capabilities that includes the mobile apps and it gives the productivity, video streaming, in-built high class camera lenses as well as the connectivity that enables the millions of people stay linked. What you can expect to see in the development of the smartphones in the near future where this is probably hard to predict with the accuracy due to the fast pace tech evolutions.

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Key features that you can look in the next smartphones

The following are the some of the key features that you can see in the next development of the smartphones and they are.

  • Augmented reality – The term augmented reality is shortly called as the AR when used in the context of the computer technology it refers to what we perceive through our senses that is enhanced through the use of the computer generate sensory input such as graphics, video, GPS data and sound. If simply say the AR makes available of the more information for users by combining the computer data to what we see in our real life. By using the camera on your smartphone you can point it somewhere live to get information about the overlay of where you can find the nearest dinning places or cafes.

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  • Flexible screens – It may soon be a case where the smartphone are able to provide you a large screen to play and watch movies and games while maintaining the pocket able size. The screens of the smartphones are folded and unfolded because of the OLED (organic light emitting diode) technology. This paper thin display can even project the future features smartphones from the dual sides of the display so you can show the videos or pictures to your friend who’s on other side by using this control.
  • In built projector – The smartphones will have a built-in digital light projection (DLP) WVGA projector that can projects the 50 inches in size at the 15 lumens. The in-built projectors for the smartphones must be small as the paradox sits and it give only the lesser light out with the better technology you can experience the use of new smartphone.

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  • Holograms and 3D screens – Smartphones have already reached the peak for their screen resolutions with the Apple’s retina display and now mobile companies are moving from the 2D future features to 3D future features smartphones for the smartphone screen. At present a couple of the 3D smartphones are available in the market such as motorloa MT810, LG optimus 3D and Samsung AMOLED 3D.

It is exciting to expect these above features in our future smartphone but the thing that comes to our mind will be what will be the cost of the smartphones with these features.