How to Choose the Right Life Insurance Software

Written by: Renee Chambers
How to Choose the Right Life Insurance Software

Life insurance software helps brokers and agents automate operations. You have probably realized there are a ton of life insurance websites out there. Their online portals allow you to access life insurance solutions, view new products, and pay premiums. The insurance industry has undergone tremendous digital transformation. So you can secure great insurance online when you know where to look. You have to evaluate your options to determine which life insurers are right for you and your family. When choosing insurance software, there are a few things you have to consider.

Identify Your Needs

The first thing you should do before you start looking for software is figuring out what you need. It will be easy to pick if you are clear on what you want when it comes to functionality, features, and workflow. Look for a site with all the key features. These features ensure operational efficiency and make using the software pleasant and easy. Claims management should be present as well. You can upload documents and update claim details on a single platform.

Customer Service

Customer experience is at the core of a successful insurance business. You are bound to have questions about the life insurance policy. The software should provide adequate support where possible. Quoting capabilities are great on insurance software; that’s how to learn policy prices quickly. You should know the price tiers on each level of coverage from browsing the site. Standard software usually offers chat or 24/7 phone support. Sometimes life insurance solutions can be tedious to understand. Having someone to take you through it all makes everything a bit easy. Also, you might want to update your life insurance or cancel it anytime, which requires customer service.

Payment Methods

Billing and payment features are a must-have. Without a functional payment method using the software is going to be tricky. Whether using a credit card or bank transfer, your preferred software should support the payment method. Software without proper financial services won’t be sufficient for long time use. Shortlist software that fits using their core systems.

Research Software Solutions

Remember, there are endless options online. Feel free to compare as many companies as you want. Doing thorough research might take a few days, but you will have the best solution in the end. Request for a demo if they offer one. That’s how you will learn how everything works. You will get a more accurate picture of the software when you have enough information. Options like Zinnia are setting the pace in the industry. You can visit such sites to learn which features are worthwhile. You will find modern insurance companies that are still using legacy systems to guarantee efficiency. In the end, the one you choose will depend on your needs.

Regulatory Compliance

Like life insurance websites, your life insurance software should be compliant. The life insurance business is sensitive because insurance companies handle clients’ personal data. They also process payments online, which requires sensitive information. Compliant software will ensure your safety and security online. You can upload information or make payments with your credit card without worry. The administration systems should comply with all the necessary regulations. You won’t know the software is compliant by looking at the surface. You have to dig for information or look for trusted reviews.


The last things you have to consider are pricing and company reputation. Not all software is the same; some are better than others. Look for ratings and reviews online to determine the best out of the bunch. A new business that is still untested might not be the best option when trying to insure your life. Predictive analytics online on comparison websites might help you identify reputable insurance companies. The business processes and adverts from different software can be misleading at times. Before you pick a company, look at its past record and customer satisfaction rate.

Final Thoughts

The insurance industry has grown and embraced technology. These days you can access help from wherever you are. But first, you must find life insurance software that ticks all the boxes. Hopefully, these six considerations will help you make the best decision.