Online Coding Test Examples: How To Prepare, What To Expect

Written by: Renee Chambers
Online Coding Test Examples: How To Prepare, What To Expect

A coding test is a common tool used in the workplace to screen job applicants for specific skills and there are many online coding test examples out there to practice ahead of your interview.

Whether you’re looking to get hired or you already work for a company, you’re going to need to take a computer-based coding test at some point. But you are probably wondering how to study for a coding test, and if you’ve attempted to study using a test-prep book or class, you’ve probably learned more about what to expect than about how to learn to code.

In this post, we’ll share some online coding test examples and tell you what you need to know to pass the test on your first try.

Online Coding Test Example Questions to Expect in an Interview

Developers and engineered are expected to know coding. The coding test evaluates whether a candidate has good coding skills. Candidates for junior positions get basic coding tests to determine their understanding of theoretical knowledge by performing simple exercises.

Senior engineering roles take written coding tests to assess their approach to coding projects. It’s understandable that asking technical interview questions is overwhelming, so the focus is on specific languages depending on expected roles.

Programming coding test

  • What is a software engineer?
  • Describe the process for writing a code from tools required to delivery
  • Which tools do you use in testing your code quality?
  • Describe how you will debug a program while it’s in use?
  • What Languages and Frameworks do you support? State the features you can add to the language (if any)?
  • What is your main focus when analyzing someone’s code?
  • How do you stay informed about the latest developments in technology?

Java coding test

  • What are operators in java and its types?
  • What is the difference between checked exceptions and Runtime exceptions?
  • How do you use an object Factor? Describe how Singleton pattern can be implemented?
  • Describe the difference between StringBuffer, StringBuilder and String in Java?
  • What is the difference between inheritance, polymorphism and encapsulation?
  • Are arguments in Java passed by value or reference?
  • What is the relationship between Java EE and Java SE?
  • Describe how you would use Servlets 3.0 as async support?

Python coding test

  • How to convert decimal to binary in python what is scala?
  • What does Yield keyword in Python mean?
  • Describe how to debug a Python program?
  • Describe how to convert a list into a set, tuple, and a string?
  • What do you understand by NumPy array?
  • Describe how to crate an Empty NumPy array in Python?
  • Describe how to concatenate Strings in Python?
  • Explain Circular dependencies in Python? How do you avoid them?
  • What are the advantages or uses of a generator?

.NET coding test

  • What is .NET Framework? Which language does .NET Framework support?
  • Write a program to locate duplicate in a string?
  • Write a program to remove duplicate in string?
  • Describe the difference between unmanaged and managed code?
  • Explain how you would execute a managed code?
  • What is the use of WebSecurity class in .NET Framework?

PHP coding test

  • How do you achieve multilevel inheritance in PHP?
  • Give the difference between Zend Framework 1 and Zend Framework 2?
  • How do you pass data in header when using CURL?
  • What is the difference between MyISAM Dynamic and MyISAM Static?
  • How do you stop SQL-Injection in PHP?
  • Describe the three types of errors in PHP?
  • In your experience, what attributes should a PHP developer have?
  • Is it possible to change a value previously assigned to constant when executing the script?

CSS/HTML coding test

  • Describe the various ways you can integrate CSS into an HTML page?
  • What are the prominent CSS frameworks?
  • What are the disadvantages and advantages of using CSS?
  • How would you style a sheet in cascade?
  • What is a RGB stream?
  • How do you add comments in a CSS file?
  • Which HTML attribute defines an Inline style sheet?

JavaScript coding test

  • What is a callback function? Give an example?
  • How do you know an object is an array? Illustrate with a code
  • How do you empty an array in JavaScript?
  • How do you clone an object?
  • Explain “closure” in JavaScript?

JQuerry coding test

  • Explain how to delete cookies?
  • What is the difference between jquery.length and jquery.size()?
  • Give the advantages of JQuery?
  • Why is JQuery important?
  • Why do we use fadeToggle() in JQuery?
  • What does it mean when we use html() in JQuery?

Ruby coding test

  • Describe the use of require and load in Ruby?
  • What is the difference between modules and classes?
  • What is metaprogramming?
  • What are the levels of method access control for modules and classes?
  • Give two ways to invoke a method?

How to pass a coding interview

Coding test challenges your understanding of programming language and whether you can apply that knowledge in a binary tree and data structures. Revise your coding course including elements like merge sort algorithm among other non-repeated character to be ready.

Enroll in a free online coding test platform to gauge your understanding. It helps you know how to apply counting sort algorithm, leaf nodes, and non-repeat characters. You should be able to pick the mot appropriate assessment tool.

Confidence and experience in your coding talent is crucial. Practice different algorithms and take coding challenges. Make this a daily habit to familiarize with all kinds of questions you can expect in the interview.

Soon, you will notice patterns in the questions. This helps you master the complex data structures like binary search tree, insertion sort algorithm, integer array, duplicate characters, binary tree, and radix sort algorithm. Answering most of the questions correctly and satisfactorily is a sure indicator you crushed it.

Finally, get a good night sleep so that you are physically and mentally sound for the interview. Make use of the various online coding test examples available and you’ll be ready to ace your test. Good luck!